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Antelope I High-speed Inspection Machine for Label

solve double-sheet problem of thin small paper, with Max. capicity up tp 50,000 sheets/h;
Solve the problem of special-shaped paper’s feeding, inspection and throw-up, equipped with good collection bin and waste collection bin, easy for sorting in the following process;
Exquisite designed, little occupied area, high precision processing, low noise and high stability;
Be applicable to automatically extracting image, texture, character and background, creating a new job with intelllgence. And it doesn’t need to set up any experiential parameters during whole process;
Basicaly create a new job without parameters setup, increasing effeciency. It takes only 2 min to finish all preparation for a new job.

  • UPG-7
  • UPG
Max. Format Size230 mm x 170 mm
Min. Inspection Size60 mm x 70 mm
Paper Weight60 ~ 150 gsm
Max. Feeding Speed100 m/min
Max. Inspection Speed100 m/min
Workstation for Printing Defect on the TopInspection Resolution0.11 mm x 0.11 mm
Inspection AccuracyArea≥0.1mm2, Contrast>15DN
Color AccuracyΔE≥ 3
Overprint Deviation≥0.15mm
Die-cutting Deviation≥0.3mm
Printing Defect CatagorySmear, tinting, print missing, ink dirt, hole, mosquito, overprint, color variation, break angle, paper tear, wrinkle, gold stamping missing, die cutting dislocation, etc.
Items for Electronic Supervision CodeOverlap, missing, mistake.
Defect Catagory for Electronic Supervision CodePrint missing, break, spot, smear, etc.
Dimension (L x W x H)3900 mm x 1100 mm x 1560 mm
Gross Weight1000 Kg
Power5.5 Kw


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