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Fully Automatic Energy Saving Double Station Blow Moulding Machine

Blow Moulding Machine

  • ZH90-12L ZH100-30L ZH120-60L
  • UPG

PLC&touch screen making the operation easy. Automatic malfunction alarm with self-diagnosis, making the malfunction clear at a glance.

Center input die head, eliminating the knit line completely and make it easy to change the material and color.

Mould opening, closing and moving system adopts double liner guide rail to provide user smooth , stable and quiet working.

Mould locking system adopts Crank arm-Center lock design to provide the strong clamping force.

High speed and efficient plasticizing system, mixing well and ensuring the produce purity.

Max.Product Volume12 L30 L50 L
Dry Circle600x2 PCS/H400x2 PCS/H200x2 PCS/H
Screw Diameter90 MM100 MM120 MM
Screw L/D Ratio25 L/D25/28 L/D30 L/D
Screw Drive Power37 KW55/75 KW110 KW
Screw Heating Power8.8 KW17.5-21 KW24 KW
Screw Heating Zone4 Zone4/5 Zone5 Zone
Output130 KG/H150-220 KG/H350 KG/H
Oil Pump Power11KW15 KW18.5 KW
Clamping Force120 KN180 KN400 KN
Mold Stroke280-660 MM460-960 MM500-1200 MM
Template Size520-540 MM650x750 MM900x9500 MM
Max.Mold Size530x520 MM600x700 MM700x900 MM
Max.Die Diameter230 MM280 MM350 MM
Die Heating Power3 KW10 KW12.5 KW
No.of Heating Zone4 ZONE5 Zone5 Zone
Blowing Pressure0.6 MPA0.6 MPA0.6 MPA
Air Consumption0.8 M3/MIN0.8 M3/MIN1.0 M3/MIN
Cooling Water Pressure0.3 MPA0.3 MPA0.3 MPA
Water Consumption60 L/MIN90 L/MIN120 L/MIN
Machine Size 4.6x3.1x2.8 M4.8x3.9x3.1 M6.2x3.9x3.6 M
Weight 11 TON17.5 TON28 TON

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