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Fully Automatic Online Punching and Bending Machine

It is designed and developed for the customers with CTP machine to achieve the fully plate making process, and it will save great lobar and highly improve the efficiency.
  • CCD
  • UPG
  • 8441809000


1. Fully automatic online working, no need monitoring by workers.

2. Automatic plate measurement, it is available to achieve punching and bending for different plate sizes in one machine.

3. Automatic plate stacking according to the different sizes of plates

4. Customized designed according to different requirements on functions of customers.

5. It can be connected with several units of CTP machines at the same time to achieve the high efficiency of online punching, bending and stacking.

6. Flexible operation interface, the customer can set up the function and data easily.

7. Equip with the function of faulty identification and alarm.



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