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Grinding and Polishing machine LQSQ-E-M type

It is new sharpening equipment with various functions developed on the basis of B knife grinder, having the features of sharpening and polishing; the complete functions and reasonable price makes it the top choice for the middle-small sized grinding centers and printing plants.
  • LQSQ-E-M
  • UPG
Maximum grinding width 1730/2230mm
Table size 1700/2200mm
 Table straightness error 0.02/1000mm
Grinding head automatic feeding 0.001-0.05mm
Grinding wheel dimension φ200*100*φ150(mm
Grinding head movement speed 6m/min( can also add frequency control of motor speed)
Mode of Grinding head’s cooling Internal cooling system
Axis/longitude beat error of grinding head 0.005/0.01
Grinding rotation speed 1420r/min
Grinding motor power 1.5/2.2KW
Movement electromotor power 0.55KW
Coolant motor power 0.125KW
blade straightness 0.03mm/1000
Roughness of blade surface 3 mm 0.8(hard alloy steel blade)
Grinding Angle adjustment 0±90 °

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