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HSC-1700B (2 rolls )Servo precision high speed sheet cutter

HSC web cutting machine adopt the advanced technique from Taiwan and Germany, and combined with our more than 10 years’ experiences in producing sheet cutter machines.
The machine is transmitted by servo motor.
The speed of cutting paper is fast and stable.
Germany precise bear and cutting knife assure the high cutting precision.
Touch screen computer interface control, simple operation, reasonable structure, anti-music stands, to ensure smooth paper.
This machine is the paper processing machine which is very popular in the paper making and printing industry and will improve the efficiency and benefit for your company to a large extent.
  • HSC-1700B
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1. High-precision single knife cutting machine
2. Auto Prismatic adjustment system for paper
3. Middle slitting and waste collection paper system 
4. Automatic counting and label inserting equipment  (count marking )
5. Paper transporting equipment
6. Automatic paper trimming and collecting machine    
7. Electrical controlling system
8. Driving motor
10. Double Arm Unwinder Stand  (2 rolls)

1. Measurement of the machine: 12000*2300*2400mm ;
2. Weight:18500kg
3. Max Speed: 400cuts/min
4. Voltage: 380V, 28kw, 3Phase
5. Packing size: 4000*2260*2320 /2180mm*1430mm*2150mm/3800*1580*2320 /2580mm*2030mm*2450mm
  4500*450*100 /4500*450*100  2400*900*900/2400*900*900 /45HC Container/
6. Reference weight of cutting paper :50-550g
7. Cutting accuracy : +- 0.3mm
8 Cutting length: 430-1650mm
9. Maximum scroll diameter : 1800mm (71) max
10. .Maximum paper cutting width : 1700mm
11. The format of slitting :2 sheet
12. Max cutting mater speed :300m/min
13. Air pressure source requirements:0.8Mpa
14. Output:Actual yield based on the paper texture, paper weight, cutting length, volume, number,
     operator technical paper, operations .
15.  Cutter maximum load :Single card paper - 500gsm must consider the density and quality
Cutting unit
On the knife the British cutter method to reduce the load and noise when the cutter extend cutter life.
On knife roller body to steel welding gave precision machining, and dynamic balance adjustment, effectively reduce the vibration and noise of the high-speed operation.
Under the knife: knife block with cast iron integrally molded casting, precision machining, good stability.
The back cutter: made of special steel precision knife processing, long life blade easily adjustable.
Electronic control (the Yaskawa servo or Siemens PLC)
TPC7062KS and Yaskawa Processor communication, Mainly used in the production of data input equipment operating status monitoring, and system failure alarm indication. The rotating series drives Yaskawa the JAPAN company Yaskawa I quick drive, based on the production of man-machine interface input parameters from the actual speed traction roller . encoder feedback and accurate positioning.

The delivery section using automatic set paper equipment
Lift stacked set paper sets, the paper stack to a considerable height, that is automatically dropped. The stacker table has three sides shake finishing function ,the side of the motor to drive the paper, the paper, on both sides by high-quality pneumatic by hand wheel to adjust the amplitude of the paper to improve the simplicity and safety of the operation.

Curly Device
Curly device is in the paper roll before slitting device to eliminate the roll curl or fold devicein order to the stability of the paper roll tension.The paper roll first passes through (to the edge of the
roll) components into the deconvolution device, the rollers are guide roll

The new Anti curvature device 
Effectively remove the curl of the roll to make the paper more flat, more conducive the paper roll tension stability .

Adjust The Angle Automaticlly (paper aligning system )
The precision of the stepper motor is controlled by the length of the cut precision screw adjustment the inclination of the knife group, to effectively ensure the straight angle of the adge of the cut sheer ,reducing waste time manually adjust the angle of error rate and adjustment

Slitting knife
Three sets of slitting knife is used to trim and middle slitting.

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