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High speed reel A4 copy paper cutting machine

  • LQCP
  • UPG
  • 8441100000

Working width: 870mm

Cut number: 4 rolls 4-8.5 "short side 216 mm

Paper axis diameter: max1200mm; min400mm

Paper spindle core diameter: 3 (76.2 mm) and 6 "(152.4 mm)

Grade of paper: advanced photocopier paper, advanced writing paper, high quality paper, etc. Weight range: 60-100g/m2

Cut paper length: the paper cutter is designed to process 11 "paper, and its cutting length is 11" and the length of paper is 279.4 mm

Paper count: 0-500 pages,

Paper height (Max) 65mm

Design speed: Max 305m/min

Cutting time 775 times/min

Release paper: 7.2 / min

Production speed: 200-260m/min (according to different paper)

Cutting time: 650 times/min

Make paper out weekly: 6-7 times/min (20-25 / min)

Cut paper load: (Max) 400g/m2 (4x100g/m2)

Cut paper accuracy: allow error more or less 0.2 mm

Main power supply: 3 phase 4 line 380V 50HZ

Control voltage: 220V AC / 22V DC

Installed capacity: (approm) 22KW

Compressed air consumption: (approm) 300NL/min

Compressed air pressure: 0.6-0.8 mpa

Device dimensions: 16500 (mm) x 2750 (mm) x 2100 (mm)

Total weight: 16 t

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