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Hotmelt Glue

  • UPG
Hot Melt Adhesive for Carton Closing and Box Sealing (EVA, Metallocene)
Adhesives for All kinds of Paper Box and Paper Bag
Hot Melt Adhesives for Straw Attachment
Toluene Free Adhesives for Food Packaging.
Adhesives for Bottle Labeling (Water Based Adhesive, HM PSA)
Adhesives for Paper Board Lamination
Hot Melt Adhesives for Book Binding (EVA, PUR)
Adhesives for Envelop and Courier Bag Seaming (Water Based Adhesive, HM PSA)
Adhesives for Paper Tube
Adhesives for Paper Towel
Adhesives for Paper Towel
Cigarette Adhesives (for cigarette filter tip interface, Side Seaming and cigarette case)

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