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LQ 1300 Baking Oven


1. LQ lens with 40 times of magnifying cross hairs, so location can be clearer and simpler.
2. Fore-and-aft, right-and-left, diagonal angel of P.S. Plate can be adjusted simultaneously. Plus micro-adjust settings are equipped.
3. Stable pneumatic punching method, easy and convenient.
4. When punching and bending for one time, it can begin the printing on the machine, it can save the time for plate exchanging.
5. Accurate location, it can improve the printing quality substially.
6. The printing efficiency can be improved, and the labor intensity can be reduced.
7. It can reduce the loss in the process, printing ink and paper can be saved.
8. It is applicable to any model of offset printing machine.
9. Different types of holes can be achieved on one machine.