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LQ-7 High-speed Inspection Machine for Label

It is applicable to the detection of wine label, oil label, soy sauce and vinegar label, electronic label and card products.
  • LQ-7
  • UPG

Compact structure and small floor area;

Easy to operate, complete the software operation and equipment adjustment required for production conversion within 10 minutes;

The best quality inspection equipment before leaving the factory can adapt to the inspection of regular special-shaped products;

Optional transparent product detection;

Intelligent control of Feida and conveyor belt can effectively prevent accidental wear of card issuing belt and prolong service life;

The system can be equipped with code spraying equipment to complete code spraying, code recognition and detection at one time;

The equipment is equipped with three paper receiving bins and double bins to count and collect genuine products alternately, with high accuracy;

Waste products and genuine products are transported in the same direction, which is convenient for workers to collect in time.

Max. Format Size230 mm x 170 mm
Min. Inspection Size60 mm x 70 mm
Paper Weight60 ~ 150 gsm
Max. Feeding Speed100 m/min
Max. Inspection Speed100 m/min
Inspection Resolution0.11 mm x 0.11 mm
Inspection AccuracyArea≥0.1mm2, Contrast>15DN
Color AccuracyΔE≥ 3
Overprint Deviation≥0.15mm
Die-cutting Deviation≥0.3mm
Dimension (L x W x H)3900 mm x 1100 mm x 1560 mm
Gross Weight1000 Kg
Power5.5 Kw