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LQ Carton machine

  • UPG

The machine is mainly used in the food, medicine, soap and cosmetics packing etc.
It is designed with hot glue sealing or tucker type sealing systems.
Upstream products go into the machine, and then go through the carton suction, open, product feed in, hot gluing, closing, code mechanical printing and output as finished product for case packing.
Chinese/English touch screen is easy to operate and do the parameters setting. PLC is used for accurate control, fast response, and high reliability. Hot glue temperature is auto controlled for easy adjustments.



Model HZJ250
Speed(pcs/min) 200-230
Product Size(mm) (58-220)x(25-70)x(15-60)
Power(kW) 3.5
Compressed Air(MPa)   0.5-0.6
Vacuum(MPa) -0.06
Dimensions(mm) 3600x1300x2400
Weight(kg) 2000

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