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LQ-DRQ-5000 Frozen Meat Block Cutter

It is pre-procedue of cutting mixing machine and meat grinder process.
  • LQ-DRQ-5000
  • UPG

Frozen meat block cutter is specially developed to cut the frozen chicken and pork etc. At -18℃ to 0℃, which can greatly minimize the preparations for the meat-borne food processing, a substantial saving on time and cost by placing the sliced meat into grinders. Meanwhile the infection rate of bacteria can be largely reduced while the products shelf life is extended substantially, the cutter features strong construction, easy maintenance and high productivity and efficiency.



Model  DRQ-5000
Capacity  5000-6000kg/h
Spindle Speed  60r/min
Power  13.2kw
Power Supply  380V/50HZ/3Phases
Overall Dimension  2050*900*1535mm (L*W*H)
Weight  800Kg

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