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LQ-DZ-500/2SB Double Charmber Vacuum Packing Machine

The LQ-DZ-500/2SB flat-plate double-chamber vacuum machine is a type of machine with basic general packaging specifications according to the size range of its vacuum chamber, especially applicable to industries (such as meat processing, aquatic products processing, Marine products processing, sauce products industry, vegetable deep processing industry).The machine is made of 304/2b stainless steel, vacuum chamber body surface shot blasting, fully closed, axial flow heat, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, suitable for harsh working environment, long-term continuous use with high stability, it belongs to middle and high grade type in domestic similar type.
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The LQ-DZ-500/2SB flat-plate double-chamber vacuum packaging machine has two vacuum Chambers working in turn, which makes the packaging sealing work and the first connection of preparation, and significantly improves the working efficiency.This series of vacuum packaging machine is made of stainless steel, reasonable structure, good air tightness, beautiful and durable, and meet the requirements of food hygiene and anti-corrosion.This series of vacuum packaging machines and tools have the functions of vacuum extraction, sealing and printing at one time. They are equipped with vacuum degree, heat sealing time, heat sealing temperature and other adjustment devices for the use of packaging materials and different packaging requirements, so that users can make the best choice and adjustment to achieve the best packaging effect.In addition, according to the requirements of users, it can be equipped with a printing device with convenient words replacement and clear characters, so that the packaging bag can be printed with the product warranty period, production date, production number and other words to comply with the provisions of the national food label law.

Supply voltage:AC3 Ø 380V/50Hz
Gross power:1.5KW
Gas displacement:20m3/hr×2
Vacuum pressure:1.0KPa
Package size:1245×735×900mm
Rough weight:200kg


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