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LQ-F6 Drip Coffee Bag

Drip Coffee Bag

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  • LQ-F6

  • UPG


1. Special non-woven hanging ear bags can be temporarily hung on the coffee cup.
2. The filter paper is the overseas imported raw material, using the special non-woven manufacture can filter out the original flavor of coffee.
3. Using the ultrasonic technology or heat sealing to bond filter bag, which are completely free of adhesives and meet the safety and hygiene standards. They can be easily hung on various cups.

4. This drip coffee bag film can be used on drip coffee packaging machine.

Film width180mm180mm180mm180mm
Final bag size90mm*74mm90mm*74mm90mm*74mm90mm*70mm
Sealing wayUltrasonic or heatingUltrasonic or heatingUltrasonicUltrasonic
Package information4000 pieces/roll4500 pieces/roll4500 pieces/roll4500 pieces/roll
3 rolls/carton3 rolls/carton3 rolls/carton3 rolls/carton
12000 pieces/carton13500 pieces/carton13500 pieces/carton13500 pieces/carton

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