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LQ-GSJP-300A Inspection and Rewinding Machine

Siemens PLC, human-machine interface Intermediate rectification of BST
  • LQ-GSJP-300A
  • LQ

Siemens PLC, human-machine interface

Intermediate rectification of BST

Automatic tension calculation

Automatic stagger winding

Single stroboscope, automatic image synchronization

Automatic counting

Automatic shutdown of surplus material

Optional function: Fife intermediate correction

Technical advantages:

1. Using imported piezoelectric ceramic nozzle, we have mature application experience for a series of piezoelectric nozzle control, such as Richo, dimatix, Konica, samba, Seiko and so on.

2. Through the use of ink system, positive and negative pressure control system, temperature control system, led UV drying system and black-and-white array on-line detection system, according to the demand of jet printing, uses high-speed PLC to blend the logic motion control of each station together to realize the automatic control of nozzle and main speed synchronization, nozzle printing start and end, nozzle automatic clutch, ink circulation, ink level, ink temperature control, positive and negative pressure control, led UV curing, etc.

Technical parameters:

Applicable material film: PVC, pet, PETG, OPS and other roll like shrinkage membrane materials

Unwinding diameter: 700mm (max)

Winding diameter: 700mm (max)

Sample width: 300 mm (max)

Mechanical speed: 300 mm / min (max)

Running speed: 300 mm / min

Power supply voltage: 380V50Hz

Power: 3.5kw

Weight: 700kg

Dimensions: l3150 * w920 * h1700