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LQ-LGC High-speed Automatic Sausage Linker

It is specialized for cellulose casing.
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Nowadays, the era of low-temperature meat products such as chicken products is coming. The symbol of this era contains the deep emulsified meat, cellulose casings and high-speed linkers that can portion sausage with great accuracy of weight and length.



1. Based on this judgment, our manufacturer has launched the automatic sausage production line with the LGN high-speed linker as the core part this year. This line matches any kind of stuffer and contains an outstanding hanger that will help reduce your labor costs. You only need one worker to work on that line.
2. The same length, and moreover, the same weight is the biggest advantage of the line. Compared with similar machines, it is better water-proofed and can do better in hanging sausage on the hanger. That's why this line is especially suitable for Frankfurt sausage (which we call bread sausage) and chicken sausage.

Model LGC High-speed Automatic Sausage Linker
Capacity 1000 Portions/Min
Portion Length 28mm-247mm depend on mould
Diameter Φ15-Φ28mm
Tube Length 425mm
Power 5KW
Power Supply 380V/50HZ/3Phases
Overall Dimension (L*W*H) 4845mm*815mm*1300mm 
Weight 485KG

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