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LQ-LJ930 Flexo receipt book production line

  • LQ-LJ930
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LQ-LJ930 Flexo receipt book production line


Based on the ruling-wrapping notebook line successful marketing and to fit for customers requirement of NCR book such as cash receipt, warehouse warrant, delivery list and menu, a new LQ-LJ930 flexo receipt book production line.It insisted by 3 sets of auto splicer, 3 sets of web guider, printing(ceramic anilox roller and doctor blade system). lengthways micro perforation, mechanical mark, cutting, counting and stratifying, cover feeding, turning transport, wire stitching, interval transport, trimming, separating, folded bottom cover feeding, turning transport, cover separation, gluing, scraping, drying, tape wrapping, tape cutting, cross clamping, round belt transport, stratifying, book locating, trimming, separating and delivery.The product can switch from duplex copies receipt to triple receipt and quadruple receipt.The advantage is to make the raw material to final product by one line with high speed and output.This line is ideal machine for producing NCR receipt book.

The main key parts of this machine are imported from foreign specialist manufactures: the electrical apparatus control system used the most advanced data communication.The PLC centralized control system ensured each parts of the machine working harmoniously.

Main specification



Max technical speed(m/min)


Cutting precision(mm)


Reel width(mm)


Printing-cutting length(mm)


Max book making speed(times/min)


Counting layering(sheets)


Total power(KW)


Net weight(kg)


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