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LQ-MD 1824 One Pass Corrgated Box Printing Machinery

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  • LQ-MD 1824

· Fast production. The max theoretical printing speed of ONE PASS high speed printer is 2.7m/second, this speed can compete with traditional printers.

· Without film-plate making. Traditional printer needs making plate, wasting time and cost. ONE PASS high speed printer does not require plate-making, uses advanced digital inkjet printing technology, it is easy to operate and use 

· Environmental protection. Traditional printer needs to clean machine when change printing contents, resulting in a lot of sewage pollution. ONE PASS high speed printer uses four primary color inkjet printing technology without washing machine.

· Saving manpower. Traditional printer has high requirements for workers' printing technology needs many labors with tedious adjustment process, time-consuming and labor-consuming, and low production efficiency. The ONE PASS high-speed printing machine adopts computer drawing, computer -5.-otor-matching, computer saving, on-demand printing, saving time and labor, and high production efficiency.

ModelLQ-MD 1824 
Rip Software   Rip Maintop
Picture   Format TIFF,JPG,PDF,PNG 
Print   Head EPSON Industrial ALL-MEMS Print Head 
No.s of Print   Head 24
Ink type and   color CMYK Water Based Ink 
Max. Printing   Width 800mm
Media   Thickness 0.5~20mm
Printing resolution
Max. Printing Speed
Min. Feeding   Width 350×450mm without scoring
350×660mm with scoring 
Max. Feeding   Width Standard 1800mm 
Feeding   Mode Auto feeding 
Working   Environment 18~30℃,humidity:50%~   70% 
Electric   voltage220V土10%,50/60HZ
Total   Power 15KW,AC380,V50~60HZ 
Printer size4310×5160×1980mm 
Printer   weight 2500kg