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LQ-MD 230 Label Cutter Laser Cutting Machine

·Professional roll to roll working platform, digital workflow streamlines operations;Highly eficient and fiexible, significantly increasing processing efficiency.
·Modular customized design. According to processing reguirements, various laser types and options for each unit function module are available.
·Eliminate the cost of mechanical tooling such as traditional knife dies. Easy to operate, one person can operate, effectively reducing labor costs.
·High quality, high precision, more stable, not limited by the complexity of graphics.

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  • LQ-MD 230

  • UPG

Modular Custom Design
230&350 laser Cuttina Machine adoots a multi-module, customized and all-in-one desian concept.It can be equipped with various optional modules according to your processing needs, fuly satisfying your individ-ual customization needs.

Model LQ-MD 230 LQ-MD 350
Max cutting width 220mm 340mm
Max cutting length Unlimited Unlimited
Max width of feeding 230mm 350mm
Max web diameter 400mm 750mm
Max. web speed 40m/min(speed varies by different  material and patterns) 40m/min(speed varies by
different material and patterns)
Accuracy ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
Dimensions L2400xW1800xH1800mm L7140xW2000xH1820mm
Weight 1500KG 3000KG
Power supply 380V 3 phases 50/60HZ 380V 3 phases 50/60HZ
Air pressure >0.4mpa >0.4mpa
Laser power 150W 200W
Water chiller power 1.2KW 1.2KW-3KW
Exhaust system power 1.2KW 1.2KW-3KW

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