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LQ-MD 2508 Corrugated Box Inkjet Printer

  • LQ-MD 2508
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  • LQ-MD 2508

· Fast production:The max,theoretical printing speed of ONE PASS high speed printer is 1 m/s,that is 3600pcs cardboard with 1 m length only needs 1 hour, this speed can compete with traditional printers.

· Without film-plate making:The traditional printer needs making plate,wasting time and cost.ONE PASS high speed printer is no need making plate, uses advanced digital inkjet printing technology ,it is easy to operate and use.

· Environmental protection:The traditional printer needs to clean machine when change printing contents,resulting in a lot of sewage pollution.ONE PASS high speed printer uses four primary color inkjet printing technology without washing machine.

· Saving labors:The traditional printer has high requirements for workers’ printing technology,needs many labors with tedious low production efficiency.The ONE PASS high-speed printing machine adopts computer drawing,computer color matching,computer saving,on-demand printing,save time and labor,and high production efficiency.

· 8pcs Micro piezo Epson print heads,scan-type printing width is 270mm per time,max printing speed is up to 700㎡ per hour.

· The printing area is equipped with belt type suction for paper feeding in the whole process.There are two noise absorption fans.The big size and small size of paper board all can be printed,which effectively solves the problem of slipping of paperboard.

· The main adjustment parts of feeding mechanism changed to full-automatic motor controlling,one key ready by digital setting,the time and accuracy of manual operation adjustment is improved.

· The printer is easily operated.There are three color indicator lights to observe the working state of the machine,and the overall structure of the whole machine is beautiful.



Print Head

Micro piezo Print Head

Printing Width/path


Media Thickness


Max.Printing Speed


Printing resolution


Max.Size for Auto Feeding


Feeding Mode

Auto Feeding

Working Environment

18°~30°/ 50%~70%

Operation System

Win 7/ Win 10

Total Power

6.9kw; AC220V; 50~60Hz

Printer Size


Printer Weights



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