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LQ-MD 330UV Digital Printing Machine

  • LQ-MD 330UV

  • UPG

  • LQ-MD 330UV

· Unwinder unit:

- Unwinder for rolls up to 330mm width

- Unwinder for rolls up to 1000mm (diameter)

- Up & down air shaft, which can save a lot of manpower of loading and unloading.

- Support front and back materials loading and front and back printing.

- Roll diameter automatic detection unction, without manual intervention

- Corona: material pre-treatment

- Web guide: automatic switching between forward and reverse direction

- Two sided web clean + static bar

- Tension control system: constant tension control to ensure accurate tension control 

· Flexo printing before Digital printing: Combination of traditional and digital

- It can be used for material pre-treatment, increase the compatibility of ink and material, and improve the printing quality.

- It can bee used for full white color printing, reducing the whole cost of digital printing .

- Full servo flexo printing control: 3 servo control.

· Printing unit:

- C, M, Y, K + W1 + (W2 + O + V), with 8 slots design, which are humanized and expandable, which can meet the further requirement of customers to upgrade spot color, and it can be upgraded on site, which is user‐friendly and reliable;

- UPG unique ink circulation system makes ink control cycle even, ink heating more uniform and get rid of bubbles from ink;

- The negative pressure control system accurately controls the negative pressure, the software integration display, timely monitoring and closed‐loop control of negative pressure, making the negative pressure fluctuation extremely small;

- Proprietary anti backflow device, so that customers will not waste a drop of ink;

- One key automatic nozzle cleaning, which makes the nozzle cleaning force uniform, reliable and efficient cleaning and maintenance mode, better guarantee the service life of the nozzle;

- The printing head is designed to meet the higher printing accuracy requirements of customers. The industrial grade on‐demand piezoelectric nozzle is adopted to support 4‐level gray printing;

- The unique constant temperature system of printing unit can ensure the printing operation at constant temperature on the hardware of printing system, and ensure the consistency of printed products;

- One color one pin curing design ensures printing precision;

- Printing speed: precision printing can reach 50M / min;

- Resolution: 600dpi * 600dpi ,1200dpi * 600dpi, it can reach 1200dpi * 1200dpi after upgrading;

- The print head has dots of different sizes (3,6,13pl);

- Maximum effective print width: 320mm;

- One key automatic moisturizing function ensures the stability of head;

- Double wallboard printing unit design makes the machine more stable

and printing more stable;

- The white ink mixing function and ink delivery system with large cycle control make the whole system smooth at all times without any precipitation;

- The constant temperature setting of printing system adopts integrated temperature control design of cold and hot, with this patent design, makes the printer more reliable and effective;

·  Flexo unit(optional):

- After digital printing unit, it was configured with flexo unit ,which can be used for glazing, laminating and other functions.

· Rewinder unit:

- Closed loop control servo winding for winding up;

- Optimized and upgraded with swing bar control winding, effectively

control the constant tension of winding, ensure the film materials winding orderly;

- The rewinding platform is equipped with a paper feeder which an take up and connect paper efficiently;

- The winding diameter can reach 10000mm;  

- PC integrated control software. 



Printing width

Max. 320mm

Printing Speed

Production: 50m/min

Print head

Piezoelectric inkject technology (DOD)

Kyocera KJ4A

Ink type

UV ink


Standard CMYK,Support dual white, 2 spot channels for upgrade, 4‐7 options

Ink tank



Standard: 600×600dpi/ 1200×600dpi

upgrading: 1200×1200dpi options  

Rewinder & Unwinder speed

0‐50m adjustable

Max.printing thickness


Substrates size

Roller diameter up to 1000mm, roll core is 76mm.

Electrical power supply

Digital printer only: three‐phase; AC380V; 50/60Hz, 55kw

Digital printer with Flexo: three‐phase; AC380V, 50/60HZ, 70kw

Air supply

Industrial air supply 0.6Mpa,clean and without condensation

Environment condition



No condensation


Digital printer only: 5385×2040×2100mm

Digital printer with Flexo: 6750×2040×2100mm


Digital printer only: 5000kg  

Digital printer with Flexo: 6000kg

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