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LQ-P140 Single Color Offset Perfector

  • LQ-P140
  • UPG


1.Use the domestic famous feeder, running steadily.

2.Four pass four suction feeder structure makes the large format paper more stable.

3.Installation of mechanical double sheet inspection, photoelectric inspection of air and distortion, photoelectric detection of over-sheet to ensure stable

feeding of the paper,reduce the chance of making an error.

4.Use Komori style side gauge to ensure stable running during high speed.

5.Operators can quickly and accurately send the stacked paper to the paper stand with our paper guide rail.

6.Non stop paper changing device, continuous production line.

7.Paper transfer mechanism adopts conjugate cam to ensure stable operation.


1.Completes the printing on both sides of the paper at the same time, greatly improves the printing efficiency.

2.All rollers adopt double row tapered roller bearings and grade 5 precision gears so that the equipment runs stably and rapidly.

3.Plate drum and rubber drum adopt unique bearing structure, so that the machine can be efficient and enhance the life time of the equipment.

4.Printing plate roller adopts a fast version clamp and positioning mechanism which can change the printing plate in the stortest time. A slightly split

clamp reduce overprint error caused by paper deformation.

5.More user friendly electrical controlled axial and circumferential pull plates.

6.The adjustable tooth row structure is adopted for the operator to maintain the accuracy of the machine.

7.Adopting soft press hard structure, giving high printing quality.

8.Five-roll alcohol embossing mechanism and stable ink transfer mechanism ensure evenly ink color, clear dots.

9.The external paper thickness pressure adjustment makes the machine adapt to all kinds of thickness.

10.Stainless steel sprayed on on all surfaces of the plate, rubber and impression drum, enhance the lifetime of the machine.

Paper collecting

1.Reduce the damage on the back of the papter with the unique paper suction wind wheel mechanism.

2.Non stopping sampling device can safely take samples without stopping the machine.

3.Front neat swinging paper collecting.

4:Configure the touch screen to adjust the machine at the paper collecting side.


1.Centralized control by touch screen, the application of optical, mechanical and electrical integration technology through PLC program. Easy to use

and highly automated.

2.Individual electrical cabinet simplized the maintenance and testing.

3.International PLC brand and well known brand for motor, air pump, cylinder etc provides stable and reliable support.

Machine system and safety

1.Control system was designed and developed in order to satisfied the machine functional requirements.

2.High safety design to ensure the working - rotating part of the machine is closed, the fuselage operation part is equipped with mechanical safety

chain and insurance chain.

3.Safety warning on all dangerous parts of the machine.



The Max Printing Speed:

15000 Sheet/hour

The Max Printing Sheet Size

720×1020 mm

The Min Printing Sheet Size

360×540 mm

The printing effective area

710×1020 mm

The exposure plate size

45 mm

Paper Thickness

0.04~0.2 mm

Printing Plate, Lining thickness


Printing Plate Size


The printing plate’s gasket size

765×1025 mm

Blanket Lining thickness


Printing Blanket Size

975×1035 mm

The blanket gasket size


The max paper-pile height in the feeding unit

1,300 mm


The max paper-pile height in the deliveryunit

1250 mm

Machine weight

15,900 kg


The total length

6346 mm

The total width


The total height


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