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LQ-RGR Vacuum Tumbler

  • LQ-RGR
  • UPG

RGR-H is designed for marinating and rotating the western sausage, ham, bacon, jerky, poultry and etc.



1. RGH-H have the function of continuous vacuum function- .You can choose three working conditions as follows: vacuum rotating, breath rotating and atmosphere-pressure rotating. The vacuum can be read from vacuum gauge.The Breath tumbling has the advantage of shortening 
the rotating time and improving the rotation efficiency. The vacuum gauge makes it simple to control the vacuum condition.
2. Speed can be changed from 2 to12 rpm by the frequency transducer. (you can also change from 1-4rpm, partial machine has the function of double speed). The optimized process can be chosen to improve the production efficiently and save energy. Start stably to prevent impact on the machine and prolong the machine' life.Different speeds can be adjusted for special products such as poultry and fish.
3. Perfect feeding and discharging. Different feeding and discharging devices will be applied for different products: suction cart or automatic feeding devices. The suction hole on the drum can also be used to add the ingredients.Reverse rotation to discharge.
4. Adopt PLC and HMI.
The reliable control system and HMI fully optimizes the easy operation, direct supervision. And the machine is with the waterproof and moisture proof. The cycle: obverse cycle, pause, reverse cycle, pause.
5. High sanitation design.
The whole machine is made of high quality SUS304. The drum is polished carefully inside, and with a clean hole in the middle to be cleaned completely.
6. Adopt water-sealing vacuum pump, the vacuum filter is equipped on the vacuum tubes, and high quality vacuum detector is adopted to ensure the vacuum reliability.
7. Adopt the V-shape paddle or blade-shape paddle inside the drum for different products.

1. RRC-500 suction cart
Capacity 500L, Movable, Connected with tumbler by a suction pipe. It is specially designed for loading the minced meat, meat/poultry/duck cuts which can improve the feeding efficiency.
2. Turning feeding device
It is special designed for the meat food that cannot be sucked by suction cart such as big meat block, poultry, fish and so on. It also fits for the standard 200L meat cart. 

Model  RGR-500H RGR-750H RGR-1000H RGR-1500H RGR-2000H RGR-2500H
Driving Power 0.85/1.5kw
2.2kw 2.2kw 3kw
Vacuum Pump Power 2.2kw 2.2kw 2.2kw 3kw 3kw 4kw
Drum Capacity 500L 750L 1000L 1500L 2000L 2500L
Max. Loading 300kg 450kg 600kg 900kg 1200kg 1500kg
Drum Speed 7/14.2
(2-12) r.p.m
(2-12) r.p.m
(2-12) r.p.m
2-12 r.p.m 2-12 r.p.m 2-12 r.p.m
Vacuum -0.09 Mpa -0.09 Mpa -0.09 Mpa -0.09 Mpa -0.09 Mpa -0.09 Mpa
Weight 500kg 700kg 800kg 1000kg 1100kg 1300kg

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