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LQ Roll to Roll UV PRINTER

The machine adopts the RICOH GEN5 of high-speed print head. It contains 1280 nozzles, which is four times of the past numbers of nozzles, with accuracy to 2400dpi.
The new variable droplet control technology achieves the eight grayscale to make the printing more delicate and accurate. By adopting this variable dot printing technology, more detailed and smoother gradient print can be achieved. It also accelerates the printing speed, so more efficient print jobs can be accomplished and thus enhance the productivity.

  • Power 4S
  • LQ
  • 8443321300


1. Double media-tighten rollers setting

Adjust the media tension.Double media-tighten rollers is set both before and after the printing process,feeding is smooth,take-up is neat in the whole printing process.

2. High precision platen,pinch roller.

High precision platen,ensure the printing exquisite.Intensive pinch roller structure with balanced pressure,make the media forward precisely.

3. LED lighting system.

Light the printing area during printing,the printing effect can be saw clearly at any time.

4. Use vacuum ink supply systems

Use vacuum ink supply systems that satisfy with long printing.

5. Platform suction wind power control system

Platform suction wind size adjustable,and can ensure various materials in the best condition to attached to the platform surface.
6.Negative pressure independent power supply system

Negative pressure can be working with powerful battery when machine power off. It can save a lot of ink.
7. Ink detection alarm system

When anyone ink barrel color ink is about to run out,this system can point out what color ink you need to add ink.


Power 4S

Printing head type

RICOH Gen-5 printing head,7PL

Numbers of heads

4-16 pcs


600/900/1200/1800/2400 dpi

Media handling

Roll to Roll

Print Speed 

Up to 60m2/h (16 print heads in four groups four colors with 6 pass)

Media Printing Width


Air draft

4 air draft division adapt to the max working area dimension

Drying system

LED-UV curing system

Ink type

UV-LED curing ink

Ink Capacity

1.5L drums, automatic surveillance for shorting of ink, non-stop and ink

Ink color

C, M, Y, K, W, Lc, Lm

Ink supply system

Auto negative ink supply

Image formats


Printing media

Soft film, flex banner, wallpaper, car sticker, cloth.....

Control system

Windows 7,64 bit, RAM≥8G


Customer needs to prepare the PC by themselves

RIP Software

Photoprint /Caldera (optional)

Power Supply

3.2KW, AC 50HZ/60HZ, 220V/1PH±10%)>15A


Temperature18ºC  26ºC is more effectively control static and guarantee printed quality 

Humidity40%  70%.To effectively control static and guarantee printed quality.

Net. Weight




Safety Certificate


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