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LQ-UV 6090/9060 Flatbed printer

The printing picture is vivid and lifelike, and the relief art effect is clear and brilliant. It is a printer that satisfies customers with a price-performance ratio.

  • 6090/9060
  • UPG


  1. The picture is vivid and lifelike, with clear and gorgeous relief artistic effects.With water-cooled bilateral UV lamps, the curing effect is good and the speed is fast.

  2. UV curing printing technology, compatible with multiple types of printing media

  3. Two or three ESPON piezoelectric nozzles

  4. UV resistance, scrubbing resistance, solvent resistance, high gloss, long shelf life

  5. Bilateral UV curing lamp, 350W vacuum adsorption platform

  6. Lifting height 0-15cm, infrared automatic lifting

  7. Aluminum alloy platform, easy to clean




Print Size



Printing height

15 cm

Print head

Two or Three Epson XP600


Auto up and down carriage

Ink supply system

CISS Continuously Ink Supply System

Drying System

Two UV Led Lamps

Operation Environment

Temperature:15-30°C  Humidity:35-65%

Medium Type

Pvc/Plastic/PU/Leather/Plastics/Steel/Acrylic/Glass/Creamic/Aluminum etc.

Driven system

Windows xp, win 7 32bit/64bits/Win8/Win 10

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