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LQ-WGZ Filling and Tying Combined Machine

It can produce sausage of the selected length and weight
  • LQ-WGZ
  • UPG

WGZ filling-and-tying-combined machine can produce sausage of the selected length and weight.



1. As stuffing and tying are combined in the machine, you don’t need any worker placing sausages in between. Only one worker is needed in the whole process—— from filling the sausage to hanging them.
2. It is made of high-quality stainless steel. And we use imported server in our machine. The imported server, airproof electrical box and good ventilation design ensure a long life of the machine. 

Model  WGZ Filling-and-tying-combined Machine
Capacity  300 portions/min
Portion Length  Any Length
Caliber of Casing  Φ13mm-Φ32mm
Power 5KW
Power Supply  380V/50HZ/3 Phases
Overall Dimension(L*W*H) 2140mm*680mm*1310mm 
Weight  460KG

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