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LQ-WMHZ-500II Shrink Sleeve Seaming Machine

Entire machine is controlled by PLC,man-machine interface touch screen operation
  • LQ-WMHZ-500II
  • UPG & LQ


1.Entire machine is controlled by PLC,man-machine interface touch screen operation;

2.Unwind adopts Magnetic arrester ,tension is automatic;

3. Nip rollers are driven by 2 servo motors, Achieve constant linear velocity control and effectively cut off rewind and unwind tensions intervened;

4. Rewinds adopt servo motor,tension is automatic controlled by PLC;

5. Cantilever designed for easy operation,A single operator is required to operate the machine;

6. Install an stroboscope light ;

7. Automatic shutdown for unwinding;

8. Forming plate unnecessary when shrink sleeve width over 40mm,lowers production costs;

9. Glue flow adjusting system: the flow of glue is automatically match up with variations in machine speed;

10. Equipped with blower for drying the glue faster and also increasing the production speed;

11. Rewind oscillation device;

12. The auto inspection device is avaiable upon request;

13. The mechanical parts of the equipment are longmen machining center and CNC machine tools


Main technical specifications

1.Applications       Designed for the center seaming operation of shrink sleeves such as PVC PET PETG and OPS...

2. Mechanical speed        0- 450m/min;

3. Unwind diameter              Ø500mm(Max);

4. Unwind inner diameter          3"/76mm Optional 6"/152mm;

5. Material width            820mm;

6. Tube width            20-250mm;

7. Tolerance of EPC             ±0.1mm;

8. Guider movement      ±75mm;

9. Rewind diameter            Ø700mm(Max);

 10. Rewind inner diameter:           3"/76mm (Optional)6"/152mm;

11. Total power:                 ≈9Kw

12. Voltage:               AC 380V50Hz ;

13. Overall dimension:               L2500mm*W1500mm*H1350mm;

14. Weight:                   ≈1600kg

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