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LQ-YQP Automatic Slicer

It can be used to cut the frozen meat cubes, cured meat, sausages, etc. into slices with the adjustable thickness of cut slice adjustable.
  • LQ-YQP
  • UPG

YQP-17/25K slicer can be used to cut the frozen meat cubes, cured meat, sausages, etc. into slices with the adjustable thickness and can satisfy the users’ pouch-packing portioning demand with number of slices in each portion reaching 99 slices.



1. High efficiency dynamic feeding system, saving time.
2. The intelligent cutting characteristics, to prevent the decline of the product, to ensure the good quality of cutting.
3. Return restrictions, saving time.
4. Important components, such as controllers, reducer, motor all used international famous brand to ensure product quality.
5. The tool is directly connected to the drive motor and gear, high efficiency of power use.
6. Reliable security guarantee.

Model YQP-17K YQP-25K
Maximum Production Size 170*170*640mm 250*240*700mm
Cutting Thickness 1-32 mm(adjustable) 1-32 mm(adjustable)
Cutting Speed  155 pieces/min 200 pieces/min
Power 3.4 kw 4.4 kw
Power Supply  380V/50HZ/3Phases 380V/50HZ/3Phases
Overall Dimension 1700*750*125mm(L*W*H) 1850*950*1480mm(L*W*H)
Weight 400kg 600kg

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