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LQ10D-480 Blow Molding Machinery

LQ10D-480(100kN clamping force, 480mm shifting stroke)
  • LQ10D-480
  • UPG


Carriage with linear motion system - Consisting of machine frame, extruder base frame and rear mounted control cabinet - Horizontal mold carriage movement forward/backward on linear roller bearings - Parallel opening/closing of blow mold, mold clamping area unobstructed by tie bars, fast build up of clamping force, variation in mold thickness possible - Extrusion head lifting/lowering allowing continuous high parison extrusion head.

Austrian B&R New Generation Control System

Main Features

1. Rocker arm PPC2100 series

2. PC based control system with real time Soft PLC, integrated operating and visualization and closed loop motion control of movement axis.

3. Compact operating system with 18.5" color display with touch screen and membrane keyboard - All industrial

4. All industrial-grade fanless design, comes with emergency stop switch and industrial button

5. Front and rear protection grade IP65, aluminum materia

6. Position depending control of machine functions with free selection of switching points, with regard to the opening and closing stroke of the blow mold

7. Axial wall thickness control with 100 points and vertical display of the parison profile

8. Programmable timer for heating control and temperature reduction for overnight shut down. Control of heater bands and cooling fans with wear resistant solid state relays

9. Fault indication in plain text with indication of date and time. Storing of all basic machine data and article depending data on hard disc or other data medium. Printing of the stored data as hardcopy on optional printer. Data acquisition can be offered optionally

10.  External USB interface, quicker data is more convenient, special sealing design, also meets IP65 protection top

11. Intel Atom 1.46G low consumption 64 bit processor



Extrusion Head


3-Fold/ 3-layer/ Center distance:125mm

Article Description1.1 liters HDPE bottle
Article Net Weight120 grams
Cycle Time32 seconds
Production Capability675pcs/h

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