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LQ13-175-500 Cup Printer

Equipped with sloping buffer, 1.3m-1.5m height, convenient for supplying.
  • LQ13-175-500 Cup Printer
  • UPG
1. Equipped with sloping buffer, 1.3m-1.5m height, convenient for supplying.
2. Adopt Horizontal type for cup feeding and using 1.5 meters height feeding belt only. It solves the problem that long cups are easy to fail feeding due to the bending radian of the conveyer is too large in the traditional feeding unit.         (Patented technology)
3. Equipped with 4 pcs Spirals for feeding, using self-locking 4 pcs spirals linkage in one axis to adjust the position of the spirals. (Patented technology)
4. Automatic detecting none cup, double cups, un-settled down cups on the printing mold, UV lamp over-temperature, and ink unit over-temperature and sensor failure. (Patented technology)
5. Configure 2 sets of pre-treatment corona systems (4 coronas) for pinhole cup inspecting. The power of corona goes up and down with the speed of printing machine, protecting cups be not damaged by corona while low speed and enough power for surface treatment while high speed. (Patented technology)
6. Equipped with synchronous pushing unit device to reduce shifting on the printing patterns.
7. Adopt UV for ink curing in the station. (Patent technology)
8. Equipped with defective cups removing system.
9. Equipped with 4 pcs spiral stacking device for cups, using self-locking 4 pcs spirals linkage in one axis to adjust the position of the spirals; Spiral stacking device, not only could stack normal product like diameter is smaller than height but also the special products like diameter is bigger than height. (Patent technology)
10. Eight printing mandrels were drive in one rubber wheel so that the printing mold has maintained contacting with rubber wheels. Compared to separated rubber wheel corresponding to the printing mold, it reduces hundreds of times per minute impact so that the printing mandrels would last longer.
11. PLC will limit the speed of the machine according to the input weight of the print- ing mandrels so that guarantee the machine will not damage.
12. Quick replacing for the printing mandrels.
13. Printing perimeter is controlled by Servo.
14. Adopt Dual Plate Design for printing main engine, makes it stronger, high accuracy and last longer.
15. Equipped with precision counting device without any adjustment. (Patented technology)
16. Adopt gear grinding craft, make the precision up to 5 grades, HRC53-58 hardness of gear surface, reducing noisy and prolonging the life of gear.
17. The main engine can be separated from the printing mandrels 400mm away; it is convenient for cleaning and replacing blanket.
18. Printing cylinder:
a. With clutch type, it is convenient for separating while no printing.
b. Pressure tiny adjustment with scale indicating.
c. Adopt needle bar and spring tension type for printing plate.
19. Roller:
a. With clutch type, it is convenient for separating while no printing.
b. Pressure tiny adjustment with scale indicating.
c. In order to improve printing effects, we adopt double rollers for touching printing plate to transfer ink, meanwhile it avoid poor printing which caused by the damage on rollers surface.
d. All rollers can be assembled and disassembled rapidly, is convenient for replacing and cleaning
e. Adopt double cylinders for ink roller to improve the accuracy for transferring ink.
20. Equipped with Ink Stirring for ink fountain.
21. Ink cleaning: The entire ink printing unit equipped with clean device that just need 2 minutes for cleaning. Meanwhile, it avoids the wool cloth stick on the roller caused by workers while they use cloth to clean the rollers.
22. Cooling for ink units: All rollers series with water cooling, ink roller with water cooling, it improves the accuracy of printing.
23. All the transmission components of the entire machine equipped with automatic oil adding lubrication system.
24. Patented multi-motor synchronized driving enables the machine to achieve high operation flexibility, long life, minimal vibration and faster speed 500pcs/min.
25. Adopt electric precise adjustment for the pressure between the printing mould and blanket of big drum and display the accurate position for the position of big drum and printing mould on the touch screen. Could be non-stop online adjustment, improving the efficiency (Patented technology).
This function makes it able to electrically adjustable while the printer is running, currently the other international same type of equipment doesn’t have this feature yet. The other brands they’re required to stop the machine then release the fastening of the printing main engine then empirically adjusted manually. It takes longer time, large loss and large damage for the printer. (Because there is no any specific digital feedback information)
26. Using plating for the structure of printing machine, it looks nicer and easy cleaning.
Maximum Printing Speed 500pcs/min
Cup Rim Diameter Φ50mm —Φ175mm
Cup Height 35mm—180mm
Cup Taper 2°-12°
Maximum print length
In 6-blanket mode
In 3-blanket mode
Maximum Printing Height 145mm
Feeding Cup Automatic
Pre-treatment Corona
Ink Curing UV
Restacking of finished products Automatic
Push-Out Device of Thermoformed-well cups One Way ( on left side)
Power 26KVA  3PH+PE  380V  50HZ
Air Consumption 1.6m3/min
Atmospheric Pressure 0.6-0.8mpa
Pressure Regulation Electric and digital display
Machine Dimension L5.5 m  W3.2 m  H2.7 m
Weight Of Machine 6.8T(6color) 6.9T(7color) 7T(8color)

Article Name Brand Name
Servo drive YASKAWA
Main motor SIEMENS
CORONA Made in China
(Part of air cylinder using AirTAC brand

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