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LQ350A High Speed Pouch Making Machine For Center Seal

Sales of bag making machine is always the lead in China.
  • LQ350A

  • LQ


  • Suitable for various laminated films.

  •  All the parameters are diaplayed in CRT real time. The speed, bag length, temperature, counting, punching, multiplying delivery and delivery amount of finished products, etc, can be pre-set.

  • Automatic alarm for unwinding tension, middle tension, color sign loss and super-high temperature.

  • Bag-length is controlled by AC servo-system.

  • LPC deviation correction for paying-off , automatic control of tension.

  • Multi-functional punching, static electricity removal.

Technical Data

Roll size: Max.DiameterΦ600mm Max.Width: 1240mm
Bag-making speed 30~180cpm≈36m/min
Bag-making form and size Longitudinalbag-making Transverse bag-making
L:Bag Length Max.500mm,Multiplyingy delivery at aultra-length 50-600mm, 1-5 line array
W:Bag Width 85-600mm, 1-5 line array Max. 580mm
S1:Bottom sealing Max. 80mm  
S2:Side sealing Max. 25mm  
S3: Bottom sealing   Max. 25mm
S4: Side sealing   Max. 40mm
Total Output 35kw
Pneumatic source 0.6Mpa(6kg/cm2)
Cooling water 5L/min
Weight 5000kg
Overall dimension 8500x2400x1865(mm) LxWxH

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