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LQ6090/9060 UV Printing machine

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Q1: If don’t want to use the XP600 print head, can change it to  industrial print head?

A1:Now,we can use Ricoh print heads and Toshiba CE4 print heads

Q2:How is the curing effect of your printer

A2:We added UV lights on both sides of the print head,it can achieve fast curing

Q3:Whether the machine will shaking during printing?

A3:The whole frame adopts industrial welded frame, which is solid and stable

Q4:How is the printing effect, is there any deviation in the printing position?

A4:Our machine uses a 400W high-power suction platform,Stable material adsorption. Imported guide rail is adopted, which has high printing accuracy and stable operation.

Q5:How many 6090 and 9060 can be installed in a 20 GP?

A5:6090 can be installed 6 sets, 9060 can be installed 8 sets.

Q6:How many languages does the operation panel have?

A6:There are Chinese and English at present

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