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LQFMZ Series Automatic Flute Laminating Machin

  • UPG

1.      Automatic feeding for top sheet and bottom sheet.

2.      Integrated control with PLC can provide easy operation & trouble shot

    during production. Safety for user is considered and widely used in the

    machine design.

3.      Famous international brand of components like bearing, electrical parts

    are used in the critical functioning part of the machine.

4.      Elastic front register positioning, the bottom sheet does not exceed the

    top one, the front-and-back distance between the top sheet and the

    bottom sheet can be adjusted.

5. suitable for laminating bottom cardboard more than 450g/m2 with top

    paperboard, laminating paperboard with A/B/C/D/E flute corrugated

    cardboard, and laminating corrugated board

6. Standard top the paper correction system, to inprove the accuracy of

the laminating.

1. the intelligent transmission structure, maximum speed up to 130m/min,

    the feeding paper efficiency of up to 11000 sheets/hour.

2. strengthen the main body, suitable for high-speed operation of the machine.

3. carefully optimized to design in various parts of the details according to the

    use's application of customary to ensure the safety and ease of use.




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