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LQGF800.1100A/B Power-saving Moderate-speed Dry Laminating Machine

  • LQGF800.1100A/B
  • UPG

1. Main parameter:     

1. Max. width of laminating material: 800mm   

2. Laminating layers:2 layers                                  

3. Max. Mechanical speed: 130m/min.

4. Max. Laminating speed: 120m/min

5. Max diameter of unwind: 600mm.

6. Max diameter of rewind: 800mm

7. Max oven temperature: 80 

8. Paper core diameter: 76mm             

9. Machine power: Max 81/95kw, actually 50-60kw.

10. Overall dimension: 10300×2170×3200

11. Net weight: 7000kg

12. Suitable material:

BOPP                       18-100μm

CPP                        20-100μm

PET                        12-100μm

PE                         35-100μm

NYLON                    15-100μm                 

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