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LQIN-564 Four Color Offset Press

Heavy-duty mechanism structure. Cast iron pedestal, frame, cylinders etc, have the good intension and tenacity, ensuring high stability and good printing impression.
  • LQIN-564
  • UPG
  • 1. Heavy-duty mechanism structure. Cast iron pedestal, frame, cylinders etc, have the good intension and tenacity, ensuring high stability and good printing impression.
  • 2. Underswing feeder, paper transferring structure is used high point gripper closed structure, insuring paper transferring system more stably.
  • 3. Double diameter impression cylinder and triple diameter transferring cylinder are available, reducing the time of paper connection, improving register precision.
  • 4. Plate cylinder and blanket cylinder go through with bearer, running stably, ensuring qualified printing image.
  • 5. Plate adjustment function in vertical, lateral and cocking position. The minimum adjustment is based on 0.01mm, saving auxiliary adjustment time.
  • 6. Special Design in paper feed head, paper board, front lay, gripper and other equipments insuring all kinds of thick and thin paper printing.
  • 7. Paper fed continuously and stably, more suitable for thick and thin paper printing.
  • 8. Vacuum sucker table, 3 sucker type paper feed cape insures all kinds of paper conveying.
  • 9. Pneumatic control system, ensuring the press more stably.
  • 10. High precision imported bearing, ensuring cylinder impression even in the high speed rotation.
  • 11. Chromed cylinder, prolongs the operation life.
  • 12. Automatic centralized oiling system, prolongs the working life.
  • 13. Operators are under protection because of the installation of safety guard, adjustment door and protecting shield.
  • 14. Semi-automatic plate loader and tightening equipment, make the plate loading more easy and convenient, shorten plate changing time, improving working efficiency.
  • 15. Blower sucker and suction wheel are available in paper delivery section, insuring the paper delivery both in high and low rotation.
  • 16. Alcohol dampening solution, continuous water feed, insuring water balance during printing.
  • 17. Automatic water volume tracking device, the water volume could be changed according to the running speed of the machine after the water volume fixed.
  • 18. Remote ink control system (optional)
  • 19. PLC device and touch-screen operating.
Model LQIN564
Max. Paper Size (mm) 560x400
Min. Paper Size (mm) 200x155
Paper Thickness (mm) 0.04-0.4
Max. Printing Area (mm) 545x380
Printing Speed (sheet/h) 3000-12000
Plate Size (mm) 550x430
Blanket Size (mm) 568x450x1.9
Under Blanket Size (mm) 545x402x0.6
Feeding System Rotary type stream feeder
Feeder Pile Capacity (mm) Height 600 (weight 170kg)
Delivery System Chain delivery
Delivery Pile Capacity (mm) 430 (weight 135kg)
Registration System Pull side guide, drop-away font lay (diagonal adjustment possible)
Number of Rollers Ink rollers: 17 Water rollers: 4
Gripper Margin (mm) 9±1
Vertical Image Adjustment Range (mm) ±20
Lateral Image Micro
Adjustment Range (mm)
Decling Image Micro
Adjustment Range (mm)
Oiling System Centralized Oiling System
Power Source 3 Phase 380V/50Hz
Main Motor: 11kw
Pump Motor: 0.75kw
Overall Dimensions (mm) 4200x2300x1710
Net Weight (kg) 8600

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