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LQJDF420/330-Series Flexo Printing Machine

This series can print on paper as well as film, self-adhesive material and other materials.
  • LQJDF420/330
  • UPG

LQJDF420/330-Series Flexo Printing Machine

LQ420-330 flexo printing machine
• The shaftless flexo printing unit - offers increased flexibility with variable size selection

• Lightweight flexo sleeves - for easy handling

•Compact design with a short web path - excellent efficiency with less waste

  • Pre-registration and auto registration system - easier to operate

  • Suitable for a wide variety of inks - environmentally friendly printing

Maximum flexiblity and convenience with flexo printing


• The shaftless flexo printing unit uses high-precision servo control technology. Thanks to this technology, the print repeat length has no restrictions due to the gear and the gear spacing. It also eliminates excessive noise and print streaks caused by the gear vibrations.


• Lightweight flexo sleeves - the lightweight material of the flexo sleeves and the inflatable structure, makes for user friendly handling.


• Flexible combined inline technologies - Cold foil stamping, lamination, de-lam /re-lam, reverse side printing and turnbars can be used for different product requirements.


More economical and environmentally friendly printing


• Maximum-precision and stability of the sleeves decreases the vibration in the printing processes, resulting in the optimal printing experience.


• Compact design of web path - the web path has been specially designed to minimize wasted space.


• Pre-registration and auto registration system - These systems make it possible for faster changeover and less material loss. This process needs no manual adjustment to ensure the best results.


• Combination of UV, infrared and hot air drying - Through the combination, the printing can be water-based ink or UV ink, which makes it more environmentally friendly.



Technical Specifications

Model LQJDF420 Model LQJDF330
Max. Printing Speed 180m/min 590ft/min 180m/min 590ft/min
Max. Unwind Roll Diameter 1000mm 39in 1000mm 39in
*Max. Rewind Roll Diameter 1000mm 39in 1000mm 39in
Max. Printing Width 450mm 17in 330mm 13in
Max. Web Width 460mm 18in 340mm 13in
Printing Repeat Length 241.3-635mm 9 1/2in-25in 241.3-635mm 9 1/2in-25in
Horizontal Adjustment Range (Registration) ±10mm 0.39in ±10mm 0.39in
Longitudinal Adjustment Range (Registration) 360 Grad 360 Grad
Inline Technology

Cold Foil Stamping Optional Optional
Turnbar Optional Optional
Delam/Relam Optional Optional
Hot Air Drying Optional Optional
Lamination Optional Optional
Rotary Screen Printing Optional Optional
Printing Material

Film Applicable Applicable
Paper Applicable Applicable
Self-adhesive Materials Applicable Applicable
Cardboard Applicable Applicable
*Rewind Roll Diameter 2*680mm or 1*1000mm

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