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LQJHX-2000/2800 Automatic Folder Gluer

  • LQJHX-2000/2800
  • UPG



1. Special Features

  • Product yield rate can reached 98%.

  • Machine parts manufactured by CNC lathe with high precision resulting in little vibration and long service life.

  • 20mm thickness steel wall dealt with computer control aligning and 5mm thickness square foundation pipe makes the machine strong and solid. .

  • The roller are made by 12mm thickness seamless steel pipe which are grinded, balance tested and chromed, ensuring roller vibration less than 0.03 mm.

  • Four parts correction together with differential belt correction parts eliminates the fish tail problem effectively.

  • Application Ranges: A C.B. AB flutes 3/5 layers corrugated board

  • Glue even, fast-drying and easy to clean.

  • Greatly reduce labor and material cost compared with stitcher.

2. Structure

Auto Feeding Auto Gluing Auto Folding Auto Stacking And Counting Electrical Parts

3. Features by Parts
Feeding Unit:

  • Adopt high quality rubber vacuum belt, stocking and automatic input to ensure the efficiency of feeding.

  • Special design makes the adjustment simply, quickly and precisely. The side regulation, paper feed baffle and belt are separately operated parts, which is easy to change the size of carton.

Gluing Unit:

         The gluing width is 20-25 mm-gluing from bottom side.

  • The glue box can be moved left or right according to the requirement of the corrugated board.

  • The gluing amount can be adjusted.

  • The glue box is made of stainless steel-big contain and easy for cleaning.

Folding Unit:

  • It uses high friction belt. The folding speed is controlled by frequency converter which can be controlled separately and synchronized with the main motor.

  • Motor driven for order change adjustment-fast and convenient.

  • Re-creasing roller, re-creasing knife, side roller and flapping plate can eliminate the fish tail effectively.

Stacking and Counting Unit

  • The Flapping Plate can help to reduce the fish tail phenomenon.

  • The pile number can be set at 10, 15, 20 and 25.

Electrical Parts

  • Scientific and reasonable mechanical structure, reliable quality electrical elements makes the machine free of trouble.


4. Installation Requirement:

  • Installation areas: Length × Width : 15000×4500mm

  • Training, installation and debugging:

  1. Seller in charge of installation, debugging and training in the buyer's factory. However the days used should be generally no more than seven days

  2. The buyer should try to help as much as they can while the supplier’s engineer is debugging the machine by providing enough workers, powers, tools and some necessary documents or papers.

5. Main Configurations:

  1. Electric Part:

Frequency converter Delta 3.7KW/2.2KW
Power Taiwan Mean Well S-150-24
Contactor French Schneider LC1-D0910M5C
Control button China  
Control knob Fuji  
Photoelectric switch Omron E3F3-D11
Air switch Chint DZ47-60
Touch screen Hitech 190mm


  1. Main Mechanical Parts:

1 Feeding beltA Baiteli 6
2 Receiving beltC Forbo-siegling 15
3 Conveyor beltB Forbo-siegling 9
4 High-pressure centrifugal fan Shanghai(Halon) 1
5 Main Motor Simens(beide) 1
6 Reducer Zhejiang 6


6. Tools

1 Internal Hexagonal Spanner 1
2 Screwdriver (plus) 1
3 Screwdriver (minus) 1
4 Pliers 1
5 Monkey wrench 1
6 Wrench 3
Max. Carton Size900×1900mm900×2600mm
Min. Carton Size250×700mm300×;850mm
Dimension (mm)13000×2400×200014000×3000×2000
Installation Area4500×15000mm5000×16000mm
Total Power7.9Kw7.9Kw
Machine Weight4.8t5.0t
Power SupplyThree Phase 380VThree Phase 380V
Glue Method25mm25mm
Glue MethodRoller gluingRoller gluing

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