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LQPYT-1080Q/1200Q/1300Q Roll Hologram Foil Stamping Machine

LQPYT series Automatic Hologram Hot Foil Stamping Machine is designed as the new generation product; it is used for automatic stamping roll material that after the printing,laminating. It is suitable for the production of carton, paper cup, surround-bidding label, card paper pressing convex, portable paper bag, paper cover , PVC, and various plastic material etc.
  • LQPYT-1080Q/1200Q/1300Q
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The machine is suitable for automatic stamping of printing, film-coated rolls and drum materials. It is the production of various cartons, cups, icons, cardboard embossing, handbag paper, plastic cover, PVC and various plastic products and equipment. The advanced resin sand technology is selected for the main engine and the frame, which provides a solid guarantee for the overall structure. The key components are controlled by Mitsubishi motor. The main engine adopts AC frequency conversion speed regulation control, and the main transmission system is equipped with pneumatic clutch, which ensures the stability of mechanical work. The machine is equipped with high-definition photoelectric automatic tracking detection, servo motor automatic positioning system, mechanical automatic feeding, device, feeding automatic deviation correction device.