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LQSFML-520B Semi-auto Double Side Laminating Machine

To suit both single side and double side lamination
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To suit both single side and double side lamination
SFML-520B semi-auto double side film laminating machine is a small laminator which is designed and manufactured upon the market needs. The machine has the feature of compact structure and easy operation. The electric and pneumatic system is controlled by PLC system, color touch screen. And one person can operate it easily. When the operator inputs paper size on touch screen, the machine can realize automatically paper lamination and cut processes, and is an excellent performance of lamination equipment which is a good choice for small and medium-size enterprises.
Machine is equipped with no paper miss sensor, which is controlled by photoelectric and mechanical systems. When no paper or paper break occurs, the machine will stop automatically for self-protection.
Man-machine interface system: color touch screen simplifies the machine operation. On the touch screen, working status of the machine can be checked at any time.
Upper and down heating roller are equipped with special heater for raising temperature. Individual temperature control perfected the temperature keep steady, ensure the precision of double side lamination temperature.
Pneumatic pressuring system provides automatically stable pressure to guarantee good laminating quality. And the pressure can also be adjusted upon requests.
Pneumatic separator system realizes automatic paper separatopn.
After separation, paper sheets are controlled by jogger.



Model SFML-520B
Max Paper Size 520 mm
Paper Thickness 105-500 g/m²
Max Laminating Speed 0-25 m/min
Gross Power 13 kw
Total Weight 1000 kg
Overall Dimensions 3300x1150x1450 mm

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