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LQSFML-720/920 Semi-Automatic Film Laminating Machine

SFML series of semi-auto laminating machine is a competitive laminator
  • LQSFML-720/920
  • UPG

SFML series of semi-auto laminating machine is a competitive laminator which is designed and manufactured elaborately based on the combination of advanced technology of the international similar products and the manufacturing experience of about 30 years. It is of high technical content, excellent quality and original appearance. This machine is a kind of dual-function product which is for both pre-glued and glueless film. It is of compact structure, easy operation and high degree of automatization. All the main components adopt the international noted brands. The electrical and pneumatic devices are controlled by PLC system, and can be operated by only one person. The operator can realize both laminating and separating processes at the same time as long as the size of workable paper is input on the text screen.
Applications: To suit two kind of film, pre-glued film and glueless film
Operate smoothly by using frequency conversion.
Adopt PLC to realize paper separating, breakdown alert functions etc.
Adopt high precision hard chrome plating mirror heating roller, in-dash oil heating system, and the feature of constant temperature is very great.
Air shaft to release the film, convenient to load and release with accurate position.

Model SFML-720 SFML-920
Max Paper Size 680mm 880mm
Laminating Speed 0-25m/min 0-25m/min
Paper Thickness 100-500g/ 100-500g/
Power 13kw 15kw
Overall Dimensions 3100x1450x1600mm 3100x1650x1600mm
Weight 1000kg 1200kg

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