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The equipment for food cans, beverage cans, aerosol cans, metal toys, daily chemical tank, lid, metal box of metal sheet packaging surface printing before printing, or after printing varnishing. It is necessary machine for metal printing company. 
The transmission gear for the helical gear, smooth transmission.
Double scraper of coating scraper and solvent scraper function.
Drawer style scraper, loading and unloading quicker and convenient.
Bottoom cylinder use cold castle steel, long life, hard surface.
The machine structure is simple, easy operation and maintenance.
Can ensure the vertical blank high precision, and has a movable side gauge and a multi-roller side gauge device.
Metering duct roller using a separate inverter motor drive.
  • LQSU134B
  • UPG


  1. This machine is a necessary equipment for sheet metal offset when prineing or varnished after of the food can, drink can, aerosol can, metal toys, daily chemical can or box. It may also be used for longitudinal partial coating or full plate coating.

  2. The bevel teeth gear is used for driving to effect the stable transmission

  3. The double scrapers are utilized one for coating and another for solvent with scraping and brushing functions.

  4. Plug-in type of scraper assists in easy plug-and-unplug.

  5. Cylinder is made of NiCrMo fine-ground chilled iron casting or treated with surface sprayed WC coating, allowing for long service life and high accurate surface finishing.

  6. This machine is simply constructed and allows for easy operation and maintenance.

  7. This machine may function for longitudinal partial printing, and the side guide system is furnished and operated by moveable and multi-roller side guide.

  8. Transfer roller is separately driven by frequency converter motor

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