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LQSW-1050B Fully Automatic Double Side Laminator

Fully Automatic Double Side Laminator
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Overlapping regulator: Servo control and front lay to guarantee accuracy of paper overlapping.
Side lay regulator: Servo control and side lay to guarantee alignment of paper from side.
Smart constant temperature heating roller:
Top heating roller equipped with built-in oil heater, temperature measuring sensor and temperature controller to make the temperature stable and constant.
Bottom heating roller is equipped with cast aluminum heater for temperature control, stable fast temperature raise and constant
Film shaft: Air shaft with dividing rule make the loading, unloading and positioning of the film more accurate. The extension of film is controlled by pneumatic breaker.
Separation system: Pneumatic separation system to separate the paper stably and quickly.
Electrical system: Schneider PLC inverter Omron and other international brand parts make the machine run smoothly, easy adjust.

Model SW-1050B
Max Paper Size 1050x820 mm
Min Paper Size 350x350 mm
Paper Thickness 100-500 g/m²
Laminating Speed 0-60 m/min
Gross Power 38 kw
Total Weight 4400 kg
Overall Dimensions 8350x2200x1900 mm