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LQTL780 Automatic Foil Stamping and Die-cutting Machine

  • LQTL780
  • UPG

   We design LQTL780 automatic foil stamping and die cutting machines. Their functions include hot stamping, die cutting, convex pressing and creasing. It can also carry out automatic feeding, hot stamping and paper collection, etc.
   This machine consists of main motor, hot stamping mechanism, auto feeder, and electric equipment. The motor drives the shaft in an up and down motion, and the pressure can be conveniently adjusted to carry out the stamping or die cutting process.
   Micro processor is used to control the entire machine. The electrical parts of our machine include main feeder/collect control, motor control, foil feeder control, etc.
The machine is equipped with an automatic lubrication system.

Model TL780
Max. Sheet Size 780×560mm
Min. Sheet Size 280×220mm
Max. Feeding Pile Height 800mm
Max. Collect Pile Height 160mm
Max. Working Pressure 110T
Power Rating 12KW
Air Pump Displacement 40m3/h
Paper Range 100 -2000 g/m2
Max. Mechanical Speed 1500s/h paper<150g/m2
2500s/h paper>150g/m2
Machine Weight 5500 kg
Machine Noise <81 db
Heating Capacity 8 KW
Overall Machine Dimensions 3700×1910×2200 mm