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LQW40BC/60BC Horizontal Semi-automatic Hydraulic Baler Series

Suitable for a variety of conventional materials like paperboard, plastic, fiber, sponge,cloth ,etc; widely used in a variety of factories and recycling industries.
  • LQW40BC/60BC
  • UPG
* It is left and right door structure (closed mouth), making bales more tighten.
* It has high strength output door, hydraulic automatic open-end door, operating conveniently and safety.
* It configures with PLC program and electric button control, operated simply and equipped with automatic feeding detection, can compress bale automatically.
* The baling length can be set at random, and provides bundling reminder device.
* Artificial packing, pre-install strapping design, it only thread each wire or bundling rope around bale one time to complete skein, save labor.
* Block size and voltage can be customized according to customers' reasonable requirements. Bales weight depends on different materials.
* It has three phase voltage and safety interlock device, simple operation, can connect with pipeline or conveyor line to feed material directly, improve working efficiency.
* The British imported seals, improve the service life of the cylinder.
* Oil pipe joint uses cone links without gasket, has no phenomenon of oil leak.
* Uses Taiwan imported superposition valve group.
* The motor connects with pump directly to ensure 100% concentricity and prolong the service life of the pump.
* Adopt unique concave type of multi-point cutter design to improve the cutting efficiency and prolong service life of the cutter.
* German hydraulic technology to save energy and protect environment.
* Adopt the vessel classification of welding process, to ensure the equipment is more stable and reliable.
Model  LQW40BC LQW60BC
Hydraulic power 40Ton 60Ton
Bale sizeL*W*H 720*720*(300-1000)mm 1000*750*(300-1100)mm
Feed opening sizeL*W 1000*720mm 1200*1000mm
Bale lines  4 4
Out-bale way  One-off bale out One-off bale out
Bale weight 250-350Kg/bale 350-500Kg/bale
Voltage  can be customized can be customized
Power  15KW/20HP 18.5KW/25HP
Machine sizeL*W*H 5830*1250*1850mm 6350*1550*1940mm

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