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LQYDFM-720/920 Manual Hydraulic Laminating Machine

YDFM series of hydraulic laminating machine is compact and economic laminator
  • LQYDFM-720/920
  • UPG

Model                                        LQYDFM-720                            LQYDFM-920

Max Paper Width                      600mm                                   800mm

Paper   Thickness                       105-500g/m                          105-500g/m2

Max Laminating                          0-30m/min                           0-30m/min

Gross Power                                   7kw                                        8kw

Total Weight                                470kg                                   520kg

Overall Dimensions                  1900x1300x1600mm              1900x1500x1600mm



Model YDFM-720 YDFM-920 YDFM-1200
Max Paper Size 600mm 800mm 1080mm
Paper Thickness 105-500g/m2 105-500g/m2 105-500g/m2
Max Laminating Speed 0-30m/min 0-30m/min 0-30m/min
Gross Power 7kw 8kw 8kw
Total Weight 470kg 520kg 600kg
Overall Dimensions 1900x1300x1600mm 1900x1500x1600mm 1900x1700x1600mm

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