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LQZH-M1050 4&6 Folder Gluer

1050-Straight line-lock-bottom-4-6corner function

  • LQZH-M1050
  • UPG

●  Friction feeder. Independently driven by inverter.

●  Adjustable electronic pile vibrator.

●  Lateral feed gates fully adjustable to the width of the blank.

●  Independent section that registers the blank to one side ensuring a perfect parallelism before entering the pre-folding or gluing sections.

●  Possibility to register on any side of the machine.

●  The pre-fold section has the advantage to make the box more plain and easy to open,even in some case the scoring is not very well.

●  Left hand glue flap pre-folder up to 180º.

●  3rd crease pre-folding set up to 135º.

●  1st and 3rd crease openers.

●  Lock-bottom assembly mechanism with high elastic hookers is of deal design,fast and easy operation.

●  Adjustable hook tension.

●  Fast and easy setup

●  Two lower (left and right) gluing tanks.

●  Easy to remove and clean.

●  Independently driven by motor.

●  Smooth and accurate folding of 2nd and 4th creases.

●  Easy accessibility.


LQZH-M1050 4/6

Suitable   material

Card   board210-850gsm , B/C/E/F flute corrugated board

Max method

Automatic   continuous feeding

Max   mechanical speed


Overall   dimension




Power   consumption


Compressed   air

6 bar,10   m³/h,60 L