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LQZS-D Automatic middle speed paper cup forming machine

  • LQZS-D
  • UPG
LQZS-D automatic paper cup forming machine comes with automatic lubrication system, which makes all mechanical parts working much more smoothly. The cup bottom adopts the stretching die which make the bottom sealing quality better and less leaking percentage. It has PLC control, sensor failure detecting system, cup bottom paper feeding controlled by servo motor,. The machine has safety guard to protect the people working safely, it is the best choice for making paper cups.
型号Type: LQZS-D
适用规格 Cup size: 12-22oz(可更换不同模具,different size mold exchanged)
纸张材料 Suitable paper material: 150-380g/m2 单双面淋膜纸张(single or double PE-coated paper)
生产效率 Capacity: 50pcs/min /每分钟
电源要求 Power source:: 220V380V 50HZplease inform us your power in advanced
功率 Total power: 6KW
重量Weight: 2800KG
总功率Total Power: 11KW
包装尺寸Package size: 2800 x 1600 x 1800 mm
工作压力Working Air Source: Air pressure 0.4Mpa;Air out-put:0.6m3/min
 (Need to buy compressor)
A:上口直径top diameter:
B:下口直径 bottom diameter
C:纸杯高度 total height
D:翻底高度bottom knurling depth
E:卷边直径 rim diameter
电机Motor 主电机Main motor 中国上海至宝(CHINA
滚花电机Knurling motor 中国上海至宝(CHINA
送底减速电机Bottom feeding reduce motor 中国上海至宝(CHINA
送底步进电机Bottom feeding servo motor SOYO松洋(CHINA
Electric elements
微电脑人机界面HMI 台湾威纶(TAIWAN)
变频器Frequency converter 韩国LG(KOREA)
低压电器All other electrical parts 韩国LG(KOREA)
光电开关Photoelectric switch FOTEK(TAIWAN)
气动部分Solenoid valve and other parts 国内知名品牌(CHINA)
主要部分 main bearing NSK
其他部分other bearings 哈尔滨轴承等(CHINA

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