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RZB Series Water Based Flexo Ink

 Light fastness of conventional RZB series is about grade4 (1 worst, 8 best). Please inform us in advance if it requires special light fastness;
 Color density of our products is high enough to suit 200 ~ 800 lines / inch anilox roller for high-precision printing;
 Fast-drying thinner: ethanol / water = 3: 1 ~ 1: 1
 Medium-drying thinner: propylene glycol / water = 1: 3 ~ 1: 5;
 The packaging specifications are 20kg/barrel by default and can be customicde
  • RZB
  • UPG
  • 3215902000

n This series is specialized in flexo printing on paper cups and paper bowls;

n Solid plate, bright color, good reproductibility with hairline;

n Very low odor and low migration for food compliance;

n Water proof, Grease proof and no fading when soaked in alcohol;

n Fast drying, especially suitable for satellite-based high speed flexo printing;

n Other product performance can be customized according to special requirements.



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