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Concentrated roller detergent and glaze remover.
*A concentrated detergent developed to remove glaze and rejuvenate rollers and blankets.
*Improves printing quality and reduces downtime by deep cleaning rollers, increasing their ink receptivity and optimizing transfer.
*Used daily is usually sufficient to keep rollers and can also be used between color changes to reduce wash-up times and minimize start-up waste.
*Stronger for quicker penetration.
Blanket:  Wipe the blanket with Revitol and allow time to penetrate.
Revitol can be left on the blanket over - night or over the weekend   
providing that the blanket is properly washed before press start-up .
Apply to blankets, rubber rollers, rubber plates and dies during storage to reduce oxidation and maintain resiliency.
Rollers:  Wash off the wet ink and run in a small amount of revitol across one of the distributor rollers. Run in revitol for3 to 5 minutes,
keeping rollers slightly wet. Advance the wash-up blade and wash up
with a water miscible wash.
PACKING:1 liter bottle (24 pcs per carton)