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The sheeting unit converts roll/s to sheets. The cutting system is a twin knife (dual rotary) knife configuration. The web passes through the in-feed guide rollers. It is then drawn into the cutting unit by a rubber nip roll with spreader/cross grooves pressing against the driven bottom steel roller. A pair of pneumatic cylinders presses the top nip roll down against the steel cylinder. An air pressure regulator-filter-lubricator unit regulates, cleans and lubricates air supply. The dual rotary drum cutter, the main component of the sheeting unit, is machined from vibration-absorbing, and dynamically-balanced and turns on heavy duty self-aligning spherical roller bearing. HSS quality sheeter blades are installed in the cutting drums that consists of a dual rotating upper and lower knife operating creating a perfect scissor-type cutting action. The angle of the cutting head is fixed to produce precisely perpendicular-cut sheets.
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The twin knife drum cutter is driven by a computerized servo motor via Siemens PLC through LCD Touch Screen Control Panel for instant change of cut lengths from 450 to 1400 mm.

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