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SZ-FEP-1 Flexo CTP Processor

SZ-FEP-1 Flexo CTP Processor
Plate Size:810x660mm
  • SZ-FEP-1
  • UPG
  • UPG-SZ-FEP-1
Technical superiority:

1.Adopt imported Philips UVA and UVC light source, which is highly effective and easy to replace.
2.Well temperature controlling of the strip lamp to keep the spectrum stable and effective.
3.Constant temperature controlling system of exposure platform to ensure the quality of exposure stability.
4.Adopt individual and stable vacuum system, pressure adjustable.
5.The drying part adopts double separate unit design, each unit can control the drying time separately.
6.Group cleaning device, with the brush rotating and horizontal cleaning at the same time, cleaning effect is more significant.
7.Suitable for plates of different thickness.
8.Independent safety control of solvent temperature and with filter device.
9.Adopt convenient solvent collection and addition method.
10.Each unit has a separate air exhausting system, eliminating solvents and other peculiar smell.

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